Annie Singer

by Proprietary Pty.

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    My first album actually collaborating with somebody other than me.

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This one is my first album with fellow musician Charles Kieser, who plays keyboards, congos, and some wind instruments.

He prefers to be called Nozdordomu.

It's far from a concept album, man. It's just randomness, but there's some furfag stuff on it.


released May 10, 2010

Shane Smith - vocals, guitar
Charles Kieser - keyboards, percussion, winds

samples from Mia Farrow's "What Falls Away" audiotape



all rights reserved


Proprietary Pty. Dahlonega, Georgia

The folk and noise project of a Dahlonega native, also known by this unfortunate moniker.

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Track Name: Song for Bill
The driveway is incarnadine and nailed to the Earth,
where the outlet to the street we live in sits.
A carcass for dinner adjoins the reddening road and dirt,
and I tower over it, the fangs wet with blood.

Foxes don't don socks upon our pretty world; they can't fit,
neither will my plantigrade gait hold on to me well.
The airplane's weather doppler feedback mades the air run,
and distortion irritates up my pricking ears right to Hell.

Pigtailed in her hair and in her eyes obscured by mirrors,
circular and see-through, but only to herself,
she sits herself upon the porch. the dagger in hand for,
what just happened, the carcass in clothes, evil sits in (this) Hell.

Industry towers the breathing trees, the houses of our residing
minds, and the parents conforming, singing silly games.
The Interstate Act cuts us in vitals ways, nowhere,
and the carcass used to be the conformer's head.

Sinking our jaws into the think we never cared for,
and reciting Shakespeare in our minds being rotten,
and decomposing a melody in backmasking rifle tone;
we can feed on the man and hide him.

We can't eat the rabbit; his muscle is too lean
and we can't fit all six feet in the trunk.
We shake forever; we can't get rid of the damn body
so we walk in and leave him alone.

Can't find myself, so the guns are brought out,
and we have a turn, going to Hell for murdering selves.
Cartridges are out, but we sit dead,
and engulfed in blackness and brimstone and fire.

A crime eternal shreds away our civilization
and we walk like the animals we were.
The Banquo laughs with Fleance siding him,
fisted by Ross and Donalbain.

The driveway's gray and a I sleep in the yard,
dreaming of deaths I don't want to do.
She sits be me, chewing her gum,
and her boy sits by her, rabbit without flaw.

Ambition is not me, nor is jealousy green,
and love is not star-crossed with scenes.
I wrote this song for Bill, as he'll cry
at his creations being dead.
Track Name: What Else Can I Say
Where are you takin' me
I can't follow you there
What do you have in mind
You know that I don't care

Where do you think I'm at
I thought I made it clear
Please don't follow me back down
While I'm standin' here

Early in the morning
Waitin' for me to rise
The light of a new day dawnin'
Catches the sun in her eyes

Tonight tonight tonight
I'm standing here
I miss her
Tonight she's so far away
What else can I say
Because I know that she'll
Never let me down
And I know that she's gonna
Love me too

Tonight tonight tonight
I'm standing here
And it's clear
I need her
Tonight she's so far away
What else can I say
Becaus I know that she'll
Never let me down
And I know that she's gonna
Love me too