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On my latest release, I collaborate my friends Nozdordomu and Katamari101 to create an unique listening experience. As in, "why isn't this album malk-only I want to hear autist scream about video games and old movies nobody cares about." Other than that, it's a typical Malk album.

Because of how far I wanted the album to be from my own stuff, I decided to name the three of us "Hess." This is our self-titled debut. Expect noise. A lot of it. Also, it's much noisier than "Misako and the Angel." Comes from the same place, though - my frustration.

Expect something a little more psychedelic.


released October 31, 2013

Shane Smith - vocals, guitar, bass
Charles Kieser - keyboards, organ, accordion, piano, mandolin, percussion, programmed drums
Katamari101 - guitar

Music and lyrics by Shane Smith, Charles Kieser, and Katamari101 except tracks 1 and 15 by Ryan Dorin and tracks 3 and 10 by Shane Smith and Katamari 101.

Photograph by Shane Smith

Gatefold art by Shane Smith



all rights reserved


Proprietary Pty. Dahlonega, Georgia

The folk and noise project of a Dahlonega native, also known by this unfortunate moniker.

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Track Name: Potato Knishes
Potato knishes
I love potato knishes.
This machine creates potato knishes.
The magic and the mystery of potato knishes.
Track Name: Different
Picked last, picked on first
and even then, I'm a last resort
another furry nobody
in the Englishlands by the town
why do I rise above the rest
ill-fitted superhero
Track Name: The High School Story
The High School used to be the respectable school, known as Menchi-Nasu High. It was left behind and abandoned, because of lack of funds for that one school. Then the students left, and the "students" bummed around. There was an accident that happened at a Seinor Prom in 1999; a High-Functioning Autistic individual with Psychic Powers, Terrah LeAnne Yowman, roamed the halls with growing social outreachings; she had a number of good guy-pals, and a few gal-pals. She was constantly ridiculed with being labeled a Lesbian, because she hung out with MORE DUDES Mutually.

She felt angry when she heard "Lesbian"; when called that, she would leave the bully an intimidating glare with a purple glow from her green eyes. Then soon after, a Strong, Straight Homophobe would attack that bully with No Mercy; beat the crap out of that person.

Come her Seinor Prom in 1999, she asked her Best Guy-Pal, Tippanston Gowen, to the Prom. And even though she felt nervous at first, he asked her to dance. She replied, "I have two left-feet." Still, he took her hand, and danced the night with her. She was most happy and in peace. Then after the last dance, he kissed her long and good. If she was still alive today, she would have been anxiously waiting for the 2009 Reunion to return the favor of Gowen offering the Strong Autistic individual the best night of their life at the Prom.

Now, Terrah was a Great Artist, as she was well-known and well-praised in the number of Art Classes she took at Menchi-Nasu High.

Following the last dance, they had the Seinor Awards Ceremony; ALL the students stayed until the FINAL END of that night. Terrah got a Star-Pin for her Good Grades; that was the ONLY AWARD she would receive that night. She anxously awaited Awards for her Inspiring, Creative Artwork she had Hand-Painted, Carved, Molded, Drawn and all Media Taught to her, yet she received NO AWARDS FOR HER CREATIVITY. She felt distraught even when called out the passing of the ART AWARDS; Her Name was NOT SAID at all.

Only Few Left early enough to tell the tale, but AFTER the final award was passed, and during the FINAL DANCE, she was beside herself; feeling alone. In her Furious Rage in not being appreciated Creatively EVEN ONCE, she concentrated ALL HER PSYCHIC POWERS, SHOUTED "PRAISE MY CREATIVITY!", then a NOVA FLASH beamed from the Prom location, seen from as far as a Hundred Miles away. All that remained was Total Silence, Terrah's gown and Star Pin, and just nearby the gown, Tippanston's Dress Jacket, with a Wedding Ring in a box, and engraved in it, "To Terrah, My Sweetest, Most Creative Woman Ever. I Love You." Tippanston wanted to wait till he had brought her back home to propose, but sadly, he died with her that night.

Since then, Terrah haunted the halls of Menchi-Nasu High, drawing the Cheerleader Raccoon Character, Francine StripeCheer, she had created from her freshman year as Varsity Cheerleader Manager.
Track Name: More Potato Knishes
Little black squash balls.
This machine creates little black squash balls.
This turns potato pancakes into little black squash balls.